Breaking through the Matrix

Never in my life would I imagine the consequences of stepping forward with a riveting truth would cost me all I had.  I remember the conscious descision I made to be a law enforcement officer.  A week after my 21st birthday I was sworn in. I received numerous awards and letters of commendation throughout my 8 years of service. I am an Oathkeeper, and my sacred oaths led to my decision to step forward. My career started October of 2006  with the Paducah McCracken county DES police and I began my inservice training. The unit was shutdown in 2008 due to funding. I took a job with the Kentucky Department of Corrections in June of 08. In July of 09 I was working as a corrections officer at the maximum security prison, Kentucky State Penitentiary located in Eddyville Kentucky. This was a very dangerous and serious place. I fit in very well. August 2012 my house burned to the ground and I lost everything. After living in a hotel for 3 months, I moved to St.Louis Mo to take a position with department of corrections, and start their eastern missouri gang task force. I looked at this as a fresh start and it was. By June of 2013 I created the policies and s.o.p. for the gang task force and began it’s implementation. Everything was going well. But something told me something wasn’t right. I kept every document with my name on it. I was receiving outstanding performance reviews, and my motto of never giving up was paying off. Until January 14 2014. After interviewing 2 gang members at the eastern missouri corectional complex, I noticed their demeanor, and pin hole pupils. Their sluggish bodily actions and slurred speech led me to suspect narcotic use. I ordered a drug screen and the officer assigned to the task was stood down. I took a corrections officer and a corrections Sergeant with me to search their cells. I recovered hydromorphone pills. I alerted the shift commander, and within minutes Captain Sharon Bucher arrived. I was told I couldn’t identify the pills and I would just have to give them back. I used an online pill indentifier to verify what I had. I informed my supervisor that I couldn’t and wouldn’t do that. I was then told “I guess you don’t understand how things work here, I said to give them back.” I called an investigator and turned over the pills to him. On Feb 09 2014 I found a detailed insigredient list on how to make an ied in an offenders possession. I immediately called my supervisors and informed them of what I found, including an address book full of names I wanted to run. After review by Capt Sam Billingsley I was told to give the ied list back to the offender. It should be noted I also found letters to individuals incarcerated for terrorism from the offender with the ied list. I protested, and was told to give it back. I immediately made copies of the book, and handed them to my coworkers, I took the book with the ied list and left work. I told my supervisor I was sick and notified the St. Louis Police intelligence unit, who accepted the book and the papers and logged the evidence via chain of custody. Investigation of the book revealed that a few people in it were dead. Including a Dr. Leslie Cargille who died under mysterious circumstances, her last known contact information was in the book. Several other dead people were in the book,including suspected terrorists. The offender with the book was being incarcerated for weapons charges.The Fbi called me a bit later and we discussed what I found. I made the decision to blow the whistle and I contacted the corrections and public safety oversight committe chairman Rep. Paul Fitzwater.  I do believe in the democratic process and I had complete faith in it. Until several of my congressman on the oversight committe mainly Rep Fitzwater told me everything I wanted to hear. That should have been a red flag, but it wasn’t at the time because I still believed they would help. I had extensive contact with Rep Fitzwater and he told me I must keep all this secret while he and other committe members investigated it. Instead he gave all my whistle blowing documents to the people I was exposing. My friends at work received constant harrassment and eventually stopped associating with me, only 4 officers stood by my side. On June 28th 2014 I was attacked by two offenders with a knife. I survived the attack by fighting with a strength I didn’t know I had. I was scrutinized for not handling the situation correctly and using excessive force. I was fighting for my life with two men with a knife screaming at each other to kill me, and I was in trouble for not handling it correctly. During the reading of their violations later that evening, Offender Mullins was telling me to thank him for not stabbing me.  The two who attacked me received no formal punishment even after I wrote numerous violations, my administration never recommended charges and I was placed on administrative leave. Not for being attacked, but being investigated for releasing documents. I was made to undergo a psychological exam, in which I passed. On July 10th I was placed on a desk and my statuary powers revoked.  From Feb until June I received poor performance reviews and my positive performance logs removed, I have the original copies. Some Command staff members who were sympathetic to my cause would bring me documents to “shred”. I was harassed by the upper command staff every day and never missed work. Finally On September 11th 2014, I was terminated for the theft of the address book and charged criminally. I setup a meeting with the director of the doc for the state, an appeal which was supposed to be my opportunity to plead my case so I wouldn’t be fired. The Director Dave Dormire wouldn’t meet with me when I showed up after driving 3 hours and had his secretary tell me I could only fax my concerns to his office. Charges were dropped, but my employment record reflects theft. I have a lawsuit currently, however I cannot find steady work. I have no faith in our justice system. My faith in Christ remains. 


7 thoughts on “Breaking through the Matrix

  1. Same happened to me. Its a matrix that was set-up purposely to destroy American, especially Christians. I know. I’ve been researching this non-stop since. The roads it leads to goes all the way to the top and further. Don’t give up your faith in a God or your beliefs in Christ. Its the last thing they will in fact work on destroying within you. You’re not alone, not great comfort, but there are a lot of us now, on all levels, cultures, etc, all over the U.S. I hope you remain safe. It seems as long as your not vulnerable you might be okay. Don’t go it alone however be forewarned. If you can count 1 friend on your hand, consider yourself lucky. Congress is corrupt. Rothschild owns everything.


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